How to Hide Toenail Fungus with Nail Polish and Why It Works

No one wants to suffer from toenail fungal infection. Apart from the excruciating pain you will experience, the affected area also looks disgusting. People around you will think that you have a contagious skin condition, and will stay away from you.

Although there are medications available, including home remedies that you can try, you cannot expect the infection to go away in a few days. In most instances, it would take weeks before you see the affected toenail thicken and crumble to pave way for the growth of a new nail.

In the meantime, you can learn how to hide toenail fungus with nail polish. It might not be a solution to the problem, but it makes the affected toenail somehow look pleasing. These are the steps you need to follow in hiding the affected nails with polish.

Trim and wash your nails

Before applying anything on the affected area, you need to wash it first. Use ordinary soap and water to remove the dirt.

After washing the feet, you need to dry them with a towel. Trim the nails to prevent the fungus from spreading into the other nails.

Apply a base coat

Using a small brush, spread the base coat across the nail. It helps in preventing the stains on your nails.

The stroke needs to be from top to bottom. You have to apply the coating evenly on your nails.

You can repeat the stroke several times unless you covered the entire nails. Do not cover every area in one stroke.

Use antifungal nail polish

Once you finished using the base coat, you can apply the antifungal nail polish. The same process applies.

You will repeat the process until you covered the nails. Make sure that you evenly apply the stroke to avoid seeing the polish pooling on your nail.

You may apply a second coat of polish if deemed necessary. The second application also helps solidify the color.

Wear the right footwear

Once you finish the application of the polish, you need to air dry the nails before moving. You also need to wash the moisture off the side of your feet.

You are now ready to wear your socks and shoes. If possible, you need to use breathable footwear up until you fully recover from the infection.

Do not walk barefoot in outdoor areas. You can also wear slippers that are perfect for indoor use if you are yet to clean your house.

Although polish helps in killing the fungus, it might not be enough. You need to use other home remedies to solve the problem. You also need to talk to your doctor to receive prescription. Wait until a few weeks before seeing positive results. Let your doctor know right away if the infection remains painful even after taking the medicines.

Once you have recovered, you need to be more hygienic. Use antifungal spray on your shoes. Do not wear any footwear unless your feet are dry.