How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus and How Effective It Is

You might know tea tree oil because it is one of the more popular essential oils available. It offers several therapeutic benefits. People who have used it before felt relief from various forms of physical pain.

Among the healing benefits of the tea tree oil is its antifungal and antiseptic properties. Therefore, if you have toenail infections right now because of a fungal growth, you might want to use tea tree oil to solve it.

Although the infection covers only a small portion of your body, the pain could be felt all over especially as you start walking. You need to be patient in dealing with the problem as it could take a while for it to permanently heal.

Does it work?

Before you try using the oil, you want to know first if it works. There are scientific studies supporting the use of the oil in treating fungal infections.

The oil could help reduce the growth of the fungus called Tricophyton rubrum which is one of the common causes of nail infection. The results could be seen after 14 days or less depending on the severity of the problem.

Some people believe that combining the tea tree oil with other medicated creams could increase its effectiveness.

Is it safe in treating infections?

Since essential oils are not prescribed medications by medical experts, you might worry that the use of tea tree oil is not safe. As long as used topically and in small amounts, it might work.

You cannot take the oil internally. You also cannot allow your kids to use the essential oil without asking your doctor first.

Although generally safe, the oil could cause allergic reactions such as redness and itchiness. The reaction depends on every person.

How is the oil used?

If you intend to use the tea tree oil, you need to know first how to dilute tea tree oil for toenail fungus. Purchase the oil and get a dropper as you prepare to dilute it.

For every one or two drops of the tea tree oil, you can add twelve drops of a carrier oil. You can apply the mixture in your forearm first as a patch test.

Check your skin again after 24 hours and see if you have allergic reactions. If not, it is safe to apply the essential oil elsewhere in your body.

How long does it take to heal?

Consistent use of the tea tree oil could lead to full recovery. However, it takes time to see the results.

Depending on how severe the infection is, the average recovery time is about 6-8 weeks. You will know that you have fully recovered if the infected nail is gone and an entirely new nail has grown.

If you feel that the problem still persists after several weeks of use, you need to talk to your doctor. You can still continue the application of the oil, but it helps if you get a medical advice.

Tea tree oil and other essential oils might work in fighting toenail infections and other physical ailments. However, you need to use them with caution as most of these oils do not have approved therapeutic claims. It is also a loosely regulated industry.

You can find quality essential oils online that are genuine and effective, but you need to be cautious in determining which store to buy it. Read reviews first before you select the store. If the oil is effective, you can use it again the next time you have toenail infections. You also need to discover its effects on other health issues.

How to Hide Toenail Fungus with Nail Polish and Why It Works

No one wants to suffer from toenail fungal infection. Apart from the excruciating pain you will experience, the affected area also looks disgusting. People around you will think that you have a contagious skin condition, and will stay away from you.

Although there are medications available, including home remedies that you can try, you cannot expect the infection to go away in a few days. In most instances, it would take weeks before you see the affected toenail thicken and crumble to pave way for the growth of a new nail.

In the meantime, you can learn how to hide toenail fungus with nail polish. It might not be a solution to the problem, but it makes the affected toenail somehow look pleasing. These are the steps you need to follow in hiding the affected nails with polish.

Trim and wash your nails

Before applying anything on the affected area, you need to wash it first. Use ordinary soap and water to remove the dirt.

After washing the feet, you need to dry them with a towel. Trim the nails to prevent the fungus from spreading into the other nails.

Apply a base coat

Using a small brush, spread the base coat across the nail. It helps in preventing the stains on your nails.

The stroke needs to be from top to bottom. You have to apply the coating evenly on your nails.

You can repeat the stroke several times unless you covered the entire nails. Do not cover every area in one stroke.

Use antifungal nail polish

Once you finished using the base coat, you can apply the antifungal nail polish. The same process applies.

You will repeat the process until you covered the nails. Make sure that you evenly apply the stroke to avoid seeing the polish pooling on your nail.

You may apply a second coat of polish if deemed necessary. The second application also helps solidify the color.

Wear the right footwear

Once you finish the application of the polish, you need to air dry the nails before moving. You also need to wash the moisture off the side of your feet.

You are now ready to wear your socks and shoes. If possible, you need to use breathable footwear up until you fully recover from the infection.

Do not walk barefoot in outdoor areas. You can also wear slippers that are perfect for indoor use if you are yet to clean your house.

Although polish helps in killing the fungus, it might not be enough. You need to use other home remedies to solve the problem. You also need to talk to your doctor to receive prescription. Wait until a few weeks before seeing positive results. Let your doctor know right away if the infection remains painful even after taking the medicines.

Once you have recovered, you need to be more hygienic. Use antifungal spray on your shoes. Do not wear any footwear unless your feet are dry.

How to Prevent Toenail Fungus the Right Way 

Fungi thrive in a dark and warm environment. When you do not wear socks and you do not wipe your feet off before wearing shoes, your feet become the perfect home for fungi. Hence, it is possible to have toenail fungus.

It might affect only a small portion of your body, but it could be extremely painful. Some people could not walk well for days or any other physical activity because of the infection.

There are various factors increasing the risk of developing this problem. Poor hygiene and wearing incorrect footwear are among the primary reasons. Once you have toenail infection, the nails start to discolor. You will first notice a small spot that eventually spreads in your toenails. The nail becomes brittle and crumbles.

By practicing healthy habits, you can prevent toenail infections. These are some of the tips on how to prevent toenail fungus that you can easily follow.

Clip your toenails correctly

Be careful in clipping your toenails as it could be a cause of the infection. You need to properly sanitize the clippers too.

When using a nail file, you need to be gentle with the sharp edges. It also helps if you have regular pedicure services from someone who could do the job well.

Avoid ill-fitting shoes

You need to know your size and find the right shoes that match your feet. Apart from being uncomfortable, wearing the wrong shoe size could also lead to toenail infection.

When buying shoes that cramp your toes, it increases the chances of making them moist. Hence, it aids in the speedy growth of the fungi.

Wear breathable footwear

Allow air to circulate freely around the feet by using breathable footwear. You want to keep the feet dry and less susceptible to fungal growth.

Choose breathable materials such as canvas or leather as they could keep your feet dry. Wear slippers at home or in other places where wearing shoes is not required.

Try alternating your shoes

The pair of shoes you wore the previous day might still be damp because of your sweat. It helps if you allow them to dry first.

On the next day, you can wear a different pair so that when you wear the previous pair, it is completely dry. If you have several shoes at home, you need to rotate them.

Do not go barefoot

It might be a good idea to be barefoot when you want to be grounded and feel nature’s warmth. However, you need to limit it only in clean and safe areas.

Avoid walking barefoot when you are heading to locker rooms, public pools and shower. Wearing flip-flops and sandals are preferable in these environments.

Regularly disinfect

You need to scrub your feet when you shower using organic product. Do not forget the areas in between your toes as they can trap moisture that leads to fungal growth.

Aside from your feet, you also need to disinfect your socks and shoes. You can use an antibacterial spray directly to your socks. For the shoes, you need to wash them using a bleach-based cleanser.

Sprinkle your shoes

You can buy antifungal powder to keep fungus away from your shoes. You can sprinkle the powder directly to the shoes.

You also need it to keep the shoes sanitary and dry even when not used for quite some time. When you use the shoes again, you will not worry that you might have infections.

If you still end up having toenail infections, there are ways to solve the problem at home. Using apple cider vinegar and coconut oil on the affected area are among the most reasonable solutions.

Pure Nails Pro Reviews & Facts About Life Natural’s Supplement – TESTIMONIALS!

Pure Nails Pro: Is This product Fact, Fiction or Pure Fantasy?

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Let me take a step back and explain some things you may or may not know about fungal nail infections. Most fungal nail infections affect the toes and in particular the big toe as this is the perfect area for the bacterial spores to reproduce in the their millions.

At first you very often don’t notice the fungal infection and when you do most of us just take the view the infection is just one of those pesky things and we will get around to treating it when we get time!

I know this to be true because that is exactly what I did with my fungal toenail infection.

Here’s the shocking news. Are you aware that if you disregard fungal nail infections you are heading for a world of pain and worse?

This is what the majority of people do not understand, if the bacterial spores make their way into your vascular system you could find you are on the way to the emergency room in the shortest space of time.

Bacterial spores surging around your vascular system can affect your brain, heart and lungs and almost every other organ in the body.

What is shocking is that your physician may not even know that your illness is caused by a simple mundane nail fungal infestation. The doctor will need to check every detail of your blood samples to find the spores and by this time you have experienced immense suffering and anxiety.

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Pure Nails Pro, cure and prevention

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Pure Nails Pro will course around your vascular system and destroy bacterial infections in and outside of your body.

Pure Nails Pro has been expertly created to destroy fungal nail disorders by complementing and fortifying your stomach bacteria allowing your body’s immune system to seek and destroy fungal infections.

 Why is Pure Nails Pro so potent it can destroy persistent fungal bacteria?

This is a perfect question to ask at this point. Pure Nails pro is designed and created by the reputable manufacturer Life Naturals. Its foundation is based on existing knowledge of probiotics. However, with continued commitment to finding a holistic approach to destroying and eradicating fungal nail eruptions Life Naturals developed Pure Nails Pro.

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The elements used in Pure Nails Pro have been designed in collaboration with leading scientific establishments around the world combined with input from the medical community. It really is remarkable to find a one fix holistic medication for fungal problems.

Pure Nails Pro performance

Performance and effectiveness is something we are all concerned with when spending our dollars on supplements. Below is a a short list of what you can expect from Pure Nails Pro

  • Pure Nails Pro eradicates nail fungus
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  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Affordable
  • Money back guarantee, no risk associated with purchasing Pure Nails Pro

To be honest, the list will just keep growing because Pure Nails Pro is a remarkable product.

 Pure Nails Pro Negatives

  • Horrible presentation video that does nothing for the product
  • Can only purchase online
  • One or two negative reviews

Where to buy Pure Nails Pro

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 My Recommendation

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